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The set up includes: -  

  • -writing tips and suggestions
  • -typesetting and formatting 
  • -cover design 
  • -printing set up 
  • -proofing 
  • -editing
  • -re-writing /grammar and sentence restructuring  
  • -ISBN barcode 
  • -pdf conversion 
  • -published on Amazon and Kindle Worldwide 
  • -one sample book will be mailed to you for approval before publication 


Individual book price ranges between £3 to £10 depending on book size for any amount from 1 to 500+ copies.
Inclusive of a 45p per book publishing commission.
This is paid for and ordered separately after approval of proof copy.

Cost for new editions and adjustments is charged at £50 – £200 after 1st agreed printing of 1st edition


Express service (14 days) additional £150


50% payment deposit to commence project

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The following books and manuals are by Robin Jegede-Brimson:- 

(with one co-authored by Anna Hinderer)

Some of these are historical, some inspirational and some really useful, practical manuals for learning how to operate in the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit.

All are highly recommended ….

LEST WE FORGET – The life and times of the pioneer missionaries to Ibadan, Nigeria (1851 – 1868) As a young girl Anna’s dream was to one day be a martyr for JESUS.  This is the powerful story of her life along with her husband David, who were the first Christian missionaries to Ibadan in southwest Nigeria from 1851 to 1868. As you read it you will be impacted by a life on fire for GOD! 

THE WELLS OF OUR FATHERS - A history of revival in southwest Nigeria from 1830 to 1959. But this is far more than a history lesson, this is about honouring the lives of all who have gone before us and laid foundations. It is on these foundations that we stand and ascend to the next levels of faith and reformation that The HOLY SPIRIT has in store for us. Life and grace are released as we honour these generals, prophets and apostles who have preceded us. We owe them. 

TRANSITION – Something new is on the horizon! TRANSITION highlights areas that The HOLY SPIRIT is revealing to His saints where emphasis and change are needed to break old moulds and be supple to be able to contain the new wine falling on the church. This book starts off with a list of 25 such areas then hones in on six of them including restoration of the prophetic and apostolic offices. 

CROSSOVER! – A manual for transcending societal & cultural obstacles for maximum impact. This book is a reminder of the love The FATHER has for the cultures and nations of the world. Featuring practical ways for social contextulisation including how to conduct socially open church services and contemporary evangelistic paradigms. The FATHER’s love is portrayed for us as individuals freeing us to our unique and precious identities.  

YOU CAN PROPHESY! 70 truths about the gift of prophecy - A handy and concise resource covering 22 Reasons to Prophesy, 7 Ways to Prepare for Prophetic Words and Encounters, 7 Ways to Activate Prophetic Grace and loads more. This book presents prophesy as a gift available to every believer, it is not a mark of some great level or height of spirituality. 

TRAINING & ACTIVATION MANUALS – Equipping the saints (Ephesians 4:11) - Three resources for training in all righteousness that the man of GOD may be fully equipped in primary areas of the faith. – Equipping the saints (Ephesians 4:11) 

25 types of Prayer, Tongues and Interpretation – all in one manual. LORD teach us to pray was the cry of the disciples, ‘LORD make it ours too!’ 

Prophecy and Prophetic evangelism – this gift belongs to us! It is not just for the super saint!  Covering all the basics you need to walk in prophecy as your spiritual inheritance. 

Faith, Working Of Miracles & Gifts Of Healings – 21 ways GOD heals today!   

(New in Nov'18!)

Apostolic Prophetic Fires ! -Transitional revelatory keys for Spiritual Combustion


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