To train, equip, foster, deploy and serve apostolic and prophetic ministry


AD2020 Rome to Jerusalem trip from June 4 - 17 2020



The ELISHA ACADEMY – an apostolic and prophetic mentoring program 

Why is this needed?

Apostles and prophets are part of the ministry gifts of JESUS Himself to the church, they play foundational roles (Eph 4:11-13; 2:20), prophets continued in the early church as seen in Acts 11, 13 and 19, some 18 were referred to as apostles in the NT beyond the original 12 commissioned by The LORD JESUS. There are well over 10 types and administrations of prophetic and apostolic ministry.

What do they do?

Apostles govern, perform signs and wonders and have a burden to establish kingdom order within and without the church.

Prophets are focused on the spiritual atmosphere in prayer, worship and receiving revelation from heaven.

These two offices compliment the roles of pastors, evangelists and teachers whose focus is on the sheep, the lost and the bible.

Why Whitstable?

For 20 years my wife, Nyema & I have received prophetic words concerning this town’s role in a coming move of GOD. We have served for ten of those years in pastoral ministry before being called to prophetic ministry in 2012 and in more recent years to apostolic ministry. We presently lead an international coalition of prophetic and apostolic ministries. We still feel very connected to Whitstable and it is impressed on our hearts to hold this event at “home”.

What will be the curriculum?

We will use four of our published works which deal with prayer as well as apostolic and prophetic ministry.

  • 1.Spiritual gifts I & II (prayer and prophecy)
  • 2.Handbook of the IPAA
  • 3.Apostolic and Prophetic Fires

These can all be found on amazon.

What will an average mentoring day look like?

Teas and coffees to start followed by fluid time of worship and stirring up the prophetic. This will be followed by a time of instruction from our course books before a 30 minute lunch break. We will come back to another time of instruction followed by a Q&A session before closing.

For how many days a month?

Once a month on a Saturday from 11am – 3pm commencing Saturday 22nd February.

Will there be a course fee?

Yes, a small registration fee for participants of demonstrating commitment and assisting with venue and logistics for the training.

£156 for 12 months or £15 per month by standing order.

Account details; Servant Ministries Lloyds 00710614 / 309160


Dates for Elisha Academy 2020

March 14th

April 18th

May 16th

June 13th

July 4th

August 8th

September 12th

October 10th

November 7th

December 5th