To train, equip, foster, deploy and serve apostolic and prophetic ministry



The HOLY SPIRIT furnace is a 3-day event from September 8th – 10th composed of intense ministry by apostles and prophets providing a spiritual atmosphere for the impartation of the call and giftings of an apostle.  From 10am to 8pm daily.

It is preceded by a compulsory instructional 8-hour teaching course covering 40 aspects of the call to apostolic ministry - 

10 types of apostles, 10 tests and preparations for an apostle, 10 functions of an apostle, 10 growth keys for an apostle. 

We will be using 4 books and manuals for the training sessions, price covered in the registration. 

This teaching will take place over 4 Fridays or Saturdays in a choice of any 5 months between April & July. 


10am - 12noon (4 Fridays in April) 

10am - 12noon or 7pm - 9pm (4 Fridays in June) 

10am - 12noon (4 Saturdays in May)
NB May Saturday Dates are 1st & 22nd & June 5th & 12th

SPACES STILL AVAILABLE IN JULY (last month available!)
July 3rd, 10th & 17th from 9am - 1pm



To complete the curriculum and have time together we also have a meeting from 9am – 1pm Saturday July 3rd for a 5th meeting. This will be a joint class with all the groups.

This event is in obedience to an instruction given by The LORD on December 24th 2020 after 500 people had been mobilised via Revelation TV to pray for 50 days for the release of a herd of bulls (new apostles).

An introduction 

An explanation 

A build up of prayers

Q & A on the program

By a panel of ministers asking questions about this program...

The £70 register fee covers both the event in September AS WELL AS the four weeks of teaching within the month of your choice.

A few discounted places are available for those for whom cost is an issue. Please email to apply.